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Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before & After

Adrienne Maloof Cosmetic Surgery
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Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before & After

Whenever her name is mentioned, it is a hot subject for plastic surgery fans. Yes, Adrienne Maloof – the famous American businesswoman and philanthropist who particularly shot to fame after her role in the reality program called “The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills”. Perhaps they were exercising the proverb “charity begins at home” because she was married to a plastic surgeon who saw it fit to take her under the knife. Ironically, they broke up after earning a youthful appearance, which has earned the actress guys who are much younger than her.

At the age of 51, she is probably on the verge of losing count of the cosmetic surgeries that she has undergone. Even so, it seems a trend among the housewives in the program. Endowed with a fragile personality and a highly delicate sense of appearance, she sought the following procedures:

Botox injections

She is so much of an enemy to Mother Nature, a reason why the aging signs have not descended on her. Thanks to Botox injections, she has managed to keep a smooth forehead which is free of wrinkles. The facial skin still remains springy and easy with an astonishing perfect state, which is not expected in a woman her age.

Adrienne Maloof’s eyebrows look perfectly toned. They are not saggy but rather fairly restricted. This hints to a regular Botox shot, which has reduced her real age by nearly 20 years. Not that she looked awful but rather she had grave insecurities and wanted to remain super-par with the standards that are expected of the housewives in the program which gave her the resounding fame.

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery

Facial Fillers

On close observation, you will notice some plumped cheeks. Her plasticity continues to the chin which appears drawn too. These are all a result of facial fillers, not forgetting the brow raise which somewhat elevated her brow. Her ex-husband who is also a plastic surgeon came to the celebrity’s defense insisting that she only sought a small facial work. Despite the defenses, the work of his hands is evident to a keen eye since the celebrity’s photos before and after surgery surfaced to all celebrity gossip websites.

Nose Job

Her nose job and facelifts have been hit by far-reaching controversies in the public domain. Most of her fans judge that the results of her nose job were not aesthetically appealing. The nose job has been done and re-done more than once but it seems not to complement her face. Her facelift resulted into a skin that is rather too tight. Taking advantage of these two inadequacies, other housewives found avenues to bully her. They were so critical of her nose and even insisted that she had thrown herself into the arms of a plastic surgeon so that she could be treated to free surgeries.

Breast Implants

They are regarded as the most essential objects of female sexuality- the breasts. It is common knowledge that breast implants are meant to give bigger and fuller or rounder breasts. Celebrities seem to have a soft spot for bigger breasts, a reason why nearly all who go under the knife seek this cosmetic procedure. Adrienne Maloof is no exception. Inasmuch as she needs beauty to keep her role rolling, she has nothing natural to boast of.

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