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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After

Bruce Jenner Cosmetic Surgery
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Bruce Jenner Bad Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner has the prestigious honor of getting the worst plastic surgery of all time. In the 1970s, Bruce Jenner was on top of the world as a gifted track and field athlete. He took home the gold medal for the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics, which skyrocketed him to fame. At the time, Bruce Jenner was quite a hunk. Women swooned over his good looks and he looked especially handsome on the front of a Wheaties box.

With such notoriety and attention for his athleticism and good looks, Bruce Jenner was practically perfect. So when he opted to have an ill-advised nose job and partial face lift in the early 1980s, he confused the world. His face was pulled tight, giving him a look of permanent surprise. His once perfect nose was suddenly pinched. Bruce went from being the poster boy of masculinity to having a witchy, slightly feminine look. Needless to say, everyone was shocked.

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Over recent years, he has attempted to fix his botched plastic surgery by getting even more plastic surgery. Unfortunately, fighting fire with fire was not a good choice. He still looks bizarrely pinched, only now he has wrinkles and tweezed eyebrows on top of it. Rumors began swirling in 2013 that he was purposely feminizing himself for a sex change, as he was seen leaving a surgeon’s office with a bandaged throat. He had gotten his Adam’s apple flattened out so it wouldn’t be as prominent. The sex change rumors are not confirmed, but the botched plastic surgery is sadly a fact. Add that to his crazy life as paparazzi darling with the Kardashian clan and he’s doomed to never be as attractive as he once was again.

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